Individual Donations

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, there are approximately 110.2 million desktop computers, monitors, and laptop computers stockpiled in American storerooms, attics, garages, and basements. In 2007, only 18 percent of personal computers retired in the U.S. were recycled. PCs for People provides an even better form of reycling, reuse. All electronic recycling is accepted FREE of charge! The only exception is CRT monitors and tube TVs (see below). We are a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher and are on the Minnesota Recyclers list.

Equipment accepted

  • Desktop Computers 
  • Laptops 
  • LCD Monitors (All sizes)
  • Plasma screens
  • LED screens
  • Keyboards
  • Mice
  • Printers
  • Speakers
  • Hard Drives
  • Memory
  • Power Cords
  • Any Computer Accessories!

Not Accepted

  • CRT monitors
  • Rear projection TVs
  • Tube TVs
  • CRT all-in-one computers

If you have any of these items to recycle, please try Best Buy (nationwide) or Tech Dump (St. Paul/Minneapolis area).

Where to Donate Equipment

PCs for People has multiple locations. Each location has a slightly different policy for receiving donated equipment. Select the city from the list below to learn how to donate equipment.

Tax Benefits

Other than renewing the life of a computer and helping to solve the problem of e-waste a donor may be able to write off their donation. The IRS code provides a tax deduction for property donated to a charitable organization under applicable rules and regulations. For individuals, the charitable deduction for contributions of technology equals the fair market value (retail used value in the current market place) of the donated property. The donation is tax deductible for the year in which the equipment is received. A receipt letter will be provided to the donor upon completion of the donation process. That letter will reflect the year in which the equipment was received.

Data Privacy

Data privacy is a priority for us. We offer secure data sanitization. Upon being received by PCs for People, each donated computer is wiped according to our data sanitization policy.


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