To receive services from PCs for People a potential recipient must be below the 200% poverty level or be currently enrolled in an income-based government assistance program. Nonprofits are also eligible recipients of technology and can learn more here.

ATTENTION: Documents accepted for proof of eligibility require a date. EBT cards, Medicaid cards without a date, and pay stubs are not accepted. We do not accept screenshots of online accounts.

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Every PCs for People office has desktop computers available (see different categories based on donation amount below). Laptops are only available at our offices in St. Paul and Denver.

lenovo tower

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Laptop RepairPCs for People offers affordable computer repair to eligible recipients who already own a computer.* Participants can bring in a computer and have it repaired for $25. We can't repair Apple computers or tablets at this time.

(Backing up data/files is an extra $20. If we have to order a part that we don't have in stock, the price of the part will be added to the repair.)

Every attempt will be made to complete your repair within 2 weeks. Once the repair is completed we will call the number provided when the repair was dropped off.  If you have questions about your repair, please contact us. We will respond at our earliest convenience.

*This service is offered by the offices in St. Paul, MN; Denver, CO; and Mankato, MN. It may not be available in other areas. It is not available via shipping except for issues related to the 90-warranty for online orders.

Low Cost Internet

PCs for People is offering high speed 4G LTE internet service through Mobile Beacon for as low as $10 per month. Plans are prepaid with no credit check or hidden fees. You can visit our office to purchase a device or purchase it online and receive the device within 3-5 business days.

Devices purchased through PCs for People are for recipients who meet our eligibility requirements only. These devices can not be resold or redistributed to individuals who are not qualified PCs for People clients.

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Technology for Nonprofits

PCs for People provides computers and internet services to eligible organizations in addition to low-income families. Eligible organizations (see requirements below) can purchase computers and internet from us in bulk or one at a time. Many nonprofits use these computers for their own office technology but some create a computer lab to be used by the people they serve. If you have questions about how PCs for People can help you create a computer lab, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Computer Distribution Partnership

event 1Do you work for a nonprofit organization that provides services to low income families? If so, you know that thousands of families are shut out from the employment, educational, and health benefits that a home computer can offer. We need your help to reach these individuals - many of whom come to you for your services. Please consider one of the three strategies below then contact us for more details on how we can help your organization have an even greater impact in your communities. 

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