A 100% volunteer staff consisting of high school students, college interns and community citizens are responsible for refurbishing, repairing and organizing inventory. Volunteers are given a chance to give back to the community while learning from their peers in a nontraditional setting. Many volunteers start with a basic understanding of technology but through tutorials and group interactions are quickly able to expand their skill-set in not only the technical field but also in communication and public service by interacting with a diverse client base.


  • Refurbish and repair computers - This is a great way to learn about computers. No prior experience is required; however, it would be helpful.
  • PR and Marketing - If you have experienced in these areas you could help us create better brand awareness.
  • Organizing inventory - Can you identify the differences between a PCI and AGP video card? If you can, help us organize!
  • CRM development - We are currently using our own home-brewed customer relationship management software, it could always be better.
  • PBX Phone (Asterisk) development and integration - Do you have experience integrating Asterisk into back-end systems? If so, we would LOVE some help.
  • Application development - We need help developing software that will run on computers being distributed by PCs for People.
  • Donation drives - Got a strong back? We can always use help at collection events unloading equipment.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any questions about volunteering.


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